About Áttavitinn

What is Áttavitinn.is ?

Áttavitinn is a youth portal aimed at young people at the age of 16-25 years old. On our website, you can find useful information about various situations in life. Young people can also ask us questions, we have professionals who answer anonymous questions online and free of charge. Áttavitinn was developed by young people for young people.

The main goals of Áttavitinn

Áttavitinn means the compass in english. Áttavitinn’s main goal is to empower young people. We provide information so they can make informed decisions. All our information should be dependable and easily understood. We provide information on all sorts of opportunities available for young people. We also provide information on all of their rights, f.x. as a young person, a part of a certain minority group, human rights and so on.

Áttavitinn consultation

We have a working advisory team that answers all questions that we get from young people. Our counsellors are a collaborative team and each of them is specialized in a certain field, f.x. sex, depression, addiction, love relationships et al. The consultation is completely anonymous and confidential, with the only exception that we are legally obligated to report sexual offences, violence and other criminal offences.
Sometimes we also get experienced outsiders to give us feedback.

We answer people:

  • Through the web
  • Via Email


Hitt Húsið, a youth center in Reykjavík is in charge of the project Áttavitinn. The website was originally designed by a company called Kosmos&Kaos, along with staff from the youth center. The project was established by the city of Reykjavík as a part of the European project EGOV4U. A new web was established for Áttavitinn in early 2018 by the web agency Frumkvæði sf.